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What can you study at Stellenbosch Journalism? 

Stellenbosch Journalism offers globally recognised qualifications in the field of Journalism. Students will be exposed to theories, concepts and practices that will enable them to define a career in the field. The Department offers three qualifications: BAHons Journalism, MA in Journalism and PhD Journalism.

BAHons Journalism

This one-year, full-time honours degree follows on a 3-year undergraduate degree in any field of study. Students learn how to prepare content for various media platforms, and how to think critically about the role of the media in society.

In our honours degree, students learn from working media professionals how to gather and produce news and feature content – for online, broadcast, visual and social media platforms. Alongside this practical training, students have access to leading academic researchers in journalism, media and communications to help them understand the role of journalism in democratic societies, the changing global media environment and the role of media in everyday life.

Our Department has a rich history of producing graduates that excel in their careers – from CEO’s and editors to award-winning investigative journalists and renowned journalism studies academics.

MA Journalism

This masters level degree is for students who want to further their academic studies beyond honours level on a topic of their choice. The course is structured in a way that allows for flexible and remote study.

PhD Journalism 

Pursuing a doctorate in journalism studies allows you to do in-depth, original research on a journalism- or media-related topic in depth, guided by an expert supervisor.

Application Process

BA Honours (Journalism)

  • Read as much as you can and keep up to date with current affairs.
  • Complete any undergraduate (3-year) degree. Recommended subjects include languages, history, politics and sociology.
  • Apply before 31 August in your final year of study.
  • Write the entrance test that evaluates your writing ability and general knowledge.

MA Journalism

  • Apply with an honours degree or at least five years’ experience in the media industry.

PhD Journalism

  • Apply with a master’s degree and a draft research proposal.