Honours students take a step back into District Six

The honours students from the Department of Journalism recently gained insight into the history and heritage of District Six in Cape Town.

The BAHons Journalism class of 2024 visited the District Six Museum and Homecoming Centre on Tuesday 16 April as part of their coursework for the Media, Power and Culture submodule. As part of their visit to the Homecoming Centre, students were fortunate to learn from Mandy Sanger, head of education at the museum. Sanger showed the students images and videos about the lives and legacy of the people who were forcefully evicted by the apartheid government. Students also engaged in interactive learning to better understand divisive and discriminatory apartheid laws such as the Group Areas Act.

As part of the trip, students visited the District Six Museum with former residents of the area and took a walking tour of some of the key sites.

The excursion concluded with lunch at the iconic Biesmiellah Restaurant in the Bo-Kaap.


The honours class of 2024 on the early morning bus ride to Cape Town.


Mandy Sanger, head of education at the District Six Museum, speaking to the honours students at the Homecoming Centre in Cape Town.


The trip to District Six ended with lunch at Biesmiellah’s in the Bo-Kaap.