Professional Certificate in Media and Digital Policy in Africa Now Available on edX

Stellenbosch Journalism is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in providing high-quality education in the field of media and digital policy in Africa. The Professional Certificate in Media and Digital Policy in Africa has been officially published on edX, opening up exciting opportunities for students across the continent and beyond.

The programme focuses on fundamental principles of freedom of expression and access to information, emphasising their relevance in today’s media landscape, especially online. It underscores the historical context of colonial and neocolonial control over communication and how these principles are enshrined as basic human rights in international, African, and national laws. Course participants will explore courses that comprehensively delve into media regulation, internet governance, artificial intelligence, access to information, the economic sustainability of media, and effective civil action. Expert insights and interactive discussion forums enhance the learning experience, making it a valuable resource for those committed to advancing free expression.

Following the success of the first leg of the course, which can be accessed by visiting the StellenboschX page, the second leg kicks  off on 13 November and running for four weeks and needing a commitment of 3-5 hours a week. It’s free, with a paid option if you would like a prestigious certificate.  Here is what’s on the learning menu:

  • The complexities of governing digital services
  • Challenges to media viability
  • Access to information – and access to data
  • How to plan and execute campaigns for a better environment for journalism.

To join the second phase of the programme, simply visit the page here.